That’s So Retro

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”… or so the saying goes and to be completely honest, that’s completely true.

What you may have once considered too old for your new, fashionable way of living may be another person’s wondrous idea of a great retro buy! These days, with our parent’s and grandparent’s fashionable clothing styles making a comeback it really is all about those swings and round-a-bouts when it comes to buying and selling your unwanted items.



Clothes have been the forefront in style and design for generations, they’ve shaped the way we perceive ourselves and the people around us, personifying beauty in its various swinging forms around the world.

Women tend to be the ultimate clothes buyers, the stereotypical shoppers, routing through clothes racks and the worlds online store rooms for the best value of clothing for their money. Yet men have been known to adore the retro fashions. Patterned blouses, a stunning range of jeans and skirts, dresses and heavy fur and suede coats have all brought on a new wave of in-demand styles you can be sure somebody will want to get their hands on!


vintage clothes for sale at flea market


Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen appliances have also brought on a new wave of retro buyers!

Your old, hand-me-down cutlery sets, you know, the ones with the heavy plastic handles, bathed in stunningly rich colours of greens, blues, reds, yellows and browns? The cutlery you’ve been desperate to hide from guests because you’ve found them too ‘old fashioned’ for your stylish metal and glass kitchen layout? Yeah, those are perfect! People love them!

What about your cooking experience? The birth of the digital weighing scales brought forth a brand new wave of love and joy for all things baking but that doesn’t mean your retro weighing scales need to go to waste! Beauty in its elegance, the weighing scales have a simplicity to them unparallel to modern battery powered digital scales (not to mention they look fantastic!). Never consider binning these valuable pieces of equipment, we can assure you when it comes to the vintage look, these show stoppers take the biscuit!


1950's Kitchen


We specialise in portable belongings as they’re easier to package thought this doesn’t stop us. It’s become so normal now to find vintage styles all over the internet you may not have realised that your double stove cooker is, in fact, a retro design! And what about that microwave? With its bold colours, and robust form, who’d have guessed shoppers seeking out the very best and original retro styles for their kitchen’s would look for such items to finish their fabulous furnishings?


Electrical Goods

It’s not just clothes and kitchen appliances which carry that greatly desired retro touch, landline phones are also a must have. With a hugely popular market for cord phones, if you have any taking up space on your shelves, or left to collect dust in boxes, take them out and send them to us!


The vintage call – girl.


It’s not just phones that have gained a sudden attraction, retro radios have also seen a steep incline when it comes to decking out the home in a quirky, unique fashion. Charming designs from the 1950’s have brought with them a new love for a vintage style and, while it may no longer be to your taste, we can guarantee that it will be to somebody else!

Old radio on wooden table outdoors


The craze for all thing retro and vintage has hit the digital market by storm. Though stores and designers have taken it upon themselves to create brand new versions of the traditional looks you’ve all come to love, there’s nothing like owning an original. Whether it be for fancy dress, every-day wear or simply to spruce up your home, don’t throw away your old, unwanted belonging, sell your stuff for cash, contact us on 07708 687862 today!

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