Mobile Phones Throughout the Last 30 Years

If you don’t currently have a mobile phone in your pocket then the likelihood is that you are reading this on your mobile. They’ve taken over the world and it really hasn’t taken them long, when you consider how they’ve changed to meet market requirements though, it’s easy to see why almost everyone on the planet has one nowadays.

Here in 2015, there isn’t much that our phones can’t do, they have huge processing power and hugely complex interfaces that make even the most difficult tasks seem effortless. It hasn’t always been this way though and not that long ago, mobile phones were in their genesis era and looked as though it could be a flash in the pan.

To commemorate 30 years of mobiles phones we thought we’d have a look at the history of mobiles to see exactly how they have changed;

First Mobiles

One of the most popular words to describe early phones was ‘big’ and Vodaphones earliest effort was gargantuan. To get an idea of the size, imagine a yacht battery and a house phone (if you can remember those) crammed together then you are somewhere close.

These first mobiles were expensive and didn’t really work all that well, prompting many to say that mobiles wouldn’t last long. Fortunately mobile phone companies saw the potential that these devices had and continued to work on them.

Smaller and Smaller

With ‘too large’ being the biggest complaint phones throughout the 90’s quickly became smaller and smaller making them more and more useable. Colour screens and more options for personalisation became the name of the game and more and more mobile phone manufacturers battled for top spot.

Notable phones from this era include the iconic Nokia 3310 and the Sagem MyX2 which brought colour screens and polyphonic ringtones to the masses.

Bigger and Bigger

Since the early 2000’s mobile phones have gained more and more functions and have allowed you to carry a high speed computer in your pocket. With increased focus on app and social functions the ability to call and text seems almost too trivial to attempt on your phone and the technology available on your mobile is scarcely believable.

With this increase in technology and media consumption via mobile devices, we have also lost the need for mobiles to be small. Mobiles phones are increasingly large in order to accommodate increased applications, who wants to watch Netflix on a 2 inch screen anyway?

Where Next?

Predicting the future of mobile phones is not easy and few predicted in the early days that mobile phones would become so influential.

Being the brave souls that we are though, we’ll stick our necks out and predict that the next big thing for mobiles will be that they will be waterproof across the board. There are hundreds of thousands of insurance claims very year due to water damage this is the next logical step. Manufacturers such as Sony already offer many waterproof mobile phones meaning that you can drop it in the bath without worry… or take photos of your fish if you like.

Cellular splashing into water

With the incredible amount of technology available to you on the mobile phone market you will undoubtedly be looking to upgrade. Unfortunately though upgrading regularly is an expensive practice and leaves you with a drawer full of last year’s smart phones.

Thankfully though, we can help you to empty that drawer make some money from it too. Come to think of it if you’ve got an excess of any unwanted items and are wondering ‘where can I sell my stuff?’ then look no further! Simply contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you sell these items today!

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