How To Sell High Value Items on the Internet

The internet can be an extremely scary place, especially if you are looking to buy or sell items which may cost a little more than the normal internet fare.

No matter if this is an important item from your home, or something that you have made yourself, you may be thinking “How can I sell my high value items on the net successfully?”. Will there be a market for your items? Or will people even look twice at your item if it is of a certain price tag?

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The internet is known for bargains and people can be extremely wary when buying online as they can’t physically touch and view the item. If you are trying to sell an item of a higher value, people may become hesitant to pay out so much for an item that they haven’t actually seen… so how can you convince your buyers that the item really is worth the price tag?

Here at Treasure4U, we have a wealth of experience in selling online. We’ve come up with some expert top tips to help your consumers feel at ease when buying from you. These tips can help you no matter what price tag your items have, so let’s jump right in with tip number one.

Good Photography

Make sure that you take the time to take good quality pictures of your items. Mobile phones have fairly decent cameras in them nowadays, so there is no excuse for grainy, pixel-y photographs on your listings.

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Take photos of your items from various different angles so that potential buyers can have a look at it as if they were picking it up and examining it. Make sure the lighting is natural and that you capture the character of the item perfectly.


This is a pretty obvious tip, but it is astounding how many sellers sell themselves and their items short by including a vague description… or none at all!

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Be as specific as you can. Internet buyers will be more inclined to invest in your item if you give them a run-down of everything they could possibly want to know. Manufacturers details, the year it was made, model numbers… anything that you could think of that someone might like to know before buying.

Trade Transparently

Let your customers know the process that they will go through once they have bought from you. Inform them what you will do once they click the “buy” button and how their payment will be processed and handled.

Include shipping information, payment methods and return policies. Online shoppers can be extremely cautious when it comes to shipping their new item that they have paid good money for, so put their mind at ease by stating exactly how their item will get to them.

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It’s also a good idea to include an FAQ section to clear up any questions that you may have been asked on a regular basis. Make sure this section is easily accessible so that any potential customer can check this section before buying or emailing you with a question that has already been answered.

Here at Treasure4U, we take care of these issues for you. We are an experienced online seller who can pinpoint what every customer needs and requires from a listing, and we believe that there is nothing that we can’t sell on your behalf!

If you would like to take advantage of our hassle free selling service when it comes to getting some cash for your items, don’t hesitate to talk to our team today by phoning us on 7708 687862 or 07809 211809 today.



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