6 of the Weirdest Home Treasures


You’ve seen our blog on 7 Priceless Items Sold Over the Internet, now take a look at six of the weirdest. We all want to sell our unwanted items, from that strange family heirloom tucked away in the back corner of the wardrobe, to that Hula girl with a lampshade covering her head sat on your bedside table. You may think these treasured- or not so treasured- belongings can’t possibly find a home better than the bin; you may be surprised. Here are six of the weirdest home treasures sold over the internet.

Canned Unicorn Meat

This is (almost) exactly as it says on the tin. To those of you still reeling from the horse meat scandal there’s no need to worry, the seller specifically stated that it wasn’t actually unicorn meat; just a ‘dismembered stuffed unicorn’ you could easily access via a removable bottom – sold for just £6.73!

grilled shashlikHaunted Dolls

Because it’s the first thing you think of doing with a supposedly possessed item; sell it over the internet. One rag doll sold over the internet for £108.00 simply because it was haunted. Other haunted items sold over the internet include ‘A Ghost in a Jar’. After a man found an old jar in a cemetery and took it home, he claimed it was possessed and that he wanted rid of it; anybody want an exorcist?


80’s style Porcelain Faces

These 80’s style porcelain masks are selling for the equivalent of £3.58. A cheap buy if you fancy empty eyes, white faces and thinly painted eyebrows staring at you in the night.

Comedy and tragedy

Real Human Rib

We kid you not, real human bones actually get sold on the internet. In this case it’s a human rib being sold for the equivalent of £6.53 which begs the question, where have these people got them from – and where have they been keeping them?

Handcuffed Hands

Human-size Hamster Wheel

Though this item was sold for free, we simply couldn’t resist including it in our list. Let’s face it, after pretending you’re a hamster in a big hamster wheel you can’t really find anything weirder.

Hamster in a wheel

Obese Arnold Schwarzenegger

We spoke too soon. Yes, this life sized statue of what Arnold Schwarzenegger would look like clinically obese was actually in somebody’s home! Its towering body of rolls and piles of fat sold over the internet for a staggering (and if you thought the haunted doll’s selling price was crazy) $16,800!

Money - iStock_000040411568_Medium

So there you go, be safe in the knowledge that you can’t possibly have any worthless items in your home, and if you’re unsure if Grandma’s favourite lamp is worth anything, you can contact us via email or call us on 07708 687862/ 01809 211809 and a member of our friendly team will be happy to assess it for you.



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